Step into the new economy

Profit from the new generation of financial services and join over 35 million users of decentralized networks.

Take personal financial management to the next level

Instantly send and request money worldwide, or collectively save money with friends and family for joint ventures.

Transfer money abroad in 30+ currencies with a decentralized exchange rate and no fees. By working in a decentralized way, we eliminate banks as middlemen and let you be the master of your wealth.

Buy crypto and invest in seconds

Exchange cryptocurrencies at the best rates and uncover unlimited possibilities.

To ensure maximum security, the wallets are non-custodial, which means that they can only be accessed and managed by users themselves via their initial passphrase

Get the Swene App

Swene is designed to provide an optimal experience by offering users the best features currently available on the market.

Our user experience and interface are continuously tailored and updated to comply with the latest standards, technologies, and aesthetics of the web.

swene app will soon be available on the Apple App Store

Fully compliant

Established in Estonia, Europe, Swene is a fully registered and regulated company in compliance with global laws.

Swene's main objective is to provide a regulated environment for the use of decentralized financial services and give access to a simple, free, complete, and downloadable tax report.